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Data Protection Clause

Based on surveys, Kölner Studierendenwerk would like to evaluate the students` satisfaction with their living environment. For this reason, we as the instructed service provider have established Internet pages in order to receive and evaluate your feedback and make it available to Kölner Studierendenwerk. Therefore, a meaningful processing of your data requires all information provided by you to be true in order to improve our offer and services. Your participation in surveys is voluntary and anonymous, you are not required to enter personal data. However, if requested you may enter your name and e-mail address at the end of each questionnaire. This information will be stored together with the data of your questionnaire. The two fields "Name" and "E-mail Address" are clearly marked as voluntary information and do not represent compulsory entries.

Personal Data

Personal data means individual statements about personal or material relationships of a certain or determinable natural person. This includes information such as for instance your correct name, address, phone number and your date of birth. Other information incapable of identifying the actual identity is no personal data. Participation in surveys of Kölner Studierendenwerk does not require entering personal data.

Collection, Processing and Utilization of Access Data

Our web server collects and stores so-called server log-file information transmitted to us via your browser. This includes:

   Type and version of browser
   Operating system used
   Referrer URL (the page probably linked to us)
   Host name of accessing server (IP-address)
   Time of server inquiry
NETQUES cannot attribute this data to certain persons. Server log-file information and survey data are not brought together, a statistical analysis is not carried out either. Once the survey is completed, server log-file information is generally deleted at the latest. If you do not agree with the procedure described above, we unfortunately have to ask you to leave our Internet pages.

Disposition of Survey Data

Data provided by you will be exclusively used for surveys carried out by Kölner Studierendenwerk. Personal data or survey data will not be forwarded, sold or otherwise transmitted to any third party. Of course, we will forward all data recorded by us to our principal Kölner Studierendenwerk for their own further processing.

Maximum Storage Period

Satisfaction ratings, comments and non-personal data will be stored indefinitely and will be used for long-term evaluation. The entries in the fields "name" and "e-mail address" will be automatically erased six months after your feedback.

Using Cookies

Cookies are text files filed on your server and stored by your browser. Our questionnaires for Kölner Studierendenwerk use cookies. They contain the information whether and when you have already participated in a survey. Cookies do not cause any damage on your server and do not contain any viruses.

Deactivating Cookies

At any time you may disable storing our cookies by changing your browser settings to such an extent that cookies are either refused or you are advised thereof every time and asked whether a cookie shall be filed. The help function of most web browsers explains you how to change these settings. However, should you decide in favour of disabling cookies, this may cause some functions of our Internet offer no longer being available to the full extent. We therefore recommend you having cookie functions activated.


All survey data is transmitted in encrypted form via the Internet using 256-bit-SSL. We secure our questionnaires and all other systems by means of technical and organisational measures against access, loss, destruction, amendment or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. However, despite regular, careful control a full protection against all risks is impossible.

Further Information

Your confidence is very important to us. Therefore, please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions regarding the processing of your data. For any questions not included in this data privacy statement or should you request any further information about a special aspect please contact us by email under info [at] netques [dot] de.


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